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Hi, my name is

Topher Maguire

Digital Marketeer


I’m a full-stack digital marketeer and funnel hacker with over 25+ years of experience located in the United States.

My Achievements

Completed Projects

Awards Received


About me

For over 25 years, I have helped businesses with mobile first optimized web design, mobile application development, SEO and Paid advertising where I deployed and optimize multi-million dollar monthly Adwords Enterprise accounts, Microsoft Advertising accounts (formerly Bing Ads), Yahoo Native, and paid social accounts including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter,  Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok. I am also a WordPress web developer and I can even handle ad creatives including video using the Adobe Suite.

My Latest Projects


SEM. PPC. Paid Search.

Newzr was faced with a paid search challenge to target users who searched for specific news stories. Newzr, in order to get ahead of their competition, collaborated with Topher Maguire. Topher took Newzr’s RSS Feed and ran it through Darwin Optimizer Technology. This created highly relevant keywords particularly related to the news stories.
A Pre-devised budget was in place, which allowed the ad spend to be reviewed daily in the event of a major news story.
This worked because the keywords were highly specific and the ad copy matched the click endpoint. The cost per click was low. Click volume totaled over 100,000 clicks, all while CPCs were under $18.

Paid Social

Aglietti, Offret, & Woofter was faced with a very interesting challenge as a result of hiring new associate lawyers. The new business development portion of their law firm was not generating enough. The firm’s long history and well-established position in the marketplace no longer generated the leads or clients to support the young talent.
Traditional advertising such as direct mail, newspaper, television, and radio delivered, but at an acquisition cost that couldn’t be sustained or predicted.
Topher Maguire stepped up to the plate and provided expert advice on properly implementing a paid social campaign on Facebook & Instagram. With proper targeting, and ad copy that was relevant to the target persona, and with a sales funnel that matched, the Law Firm realized a substantial spike in new clients. The campaign yielded a very high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), while also boasting a customer acquisition cost of only $210, with an average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of $18K


One of my passions is photography and videography. In the very same way, I love the feeling, when the soles of my running shoes strike the ground, pavement, dirt, or trails while running. I also, enjoy capturing those who strike a pose. From the moments of life to nature and sunsets to the macros of commercial photography, I love it all.


My services

What I do…

Topher Maguire is a results-oriented digital marketeer that strategizes, plans designs, and develops multi-channel digital marketing and advertising campaigns for small to medium-sized businesses, large businesses, and enterprise-level businesses.


Paid Search. SEM. PPC.

Earning a fantastic Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), with paid search takes knowledge, experience, and wisdom. In addition, staying up to date with all the various platforms is also very important. Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing), Amazon Ads, and Yahoo Ad platforms are ever-evolving and what has been proven to be effective 6 months ago may not work today.

Topher Maguire stays up to date and current with all the various paid search channels and has the knowledge, experience, and wisdom to give your business or company the competitive edge and head-start towards a positive ROAS.

Lead Generation

No matter what the channel, from paid search to paid social and eMail marketing to Display, Topher Maguire has what it takes to generate highly qualified and vetted leads for any sales team or company. When it comes to growth marketing, lead generation is one of the most key elements needed. The who, what, where, how, when, and why of the perfect customer for your company is identified and then a targeted strategy is put in place and executed.


Digital display advertising and marketing has its place, no doubt, among all the most popular channels to get any business’s product, service, and message in front of the most possible eyeballs.

From placement on niche websites to banners on mobile apps, Topher Maguire has the knowledge, skill, and aptitude to execute the most effective display advertising campaigns.

eMail Marketing

Topher Maguire believes that email is one of the many keys to marketing success. Especially, for overall ROI’s. The eMAil marketing channel allow a company to provide a nurturing long-lasting profitable relationship with their customers.

A personalized, segmented and targeted email marketing campaign is important for brand awareness and for also driving conversions.

Topher uses tools, strategy, implementation, and result tracking in order to achieve the best possible engagement based on campaign goals and objectives.

Topher can take care of your complete email marketing strategy from template design to tracking and reporting

Paid Social

Social media advertising when done correctly is one of the most effective ways to target the most relevant customer persona and get a positive Return On Ad Spend ROAS. Going it alone, however, due to the complexity of the algorithm on many of the social platforms, can leave those with little or no experience quite frustrated.

Topher Maguire has the knowledge, experience, and wisdom that comes with years of social media advertising to assure businesses and companies get the highest possible ROAS. 

Funnel Hacking

Understanding and having an adept knowledge of the entire sales funnel is an absolute necessity for any digital marketing campaign. The reason this is so essential is that if everything else is done to perfection and that traffic is driven to either a contact form, Facebook page or a website homepage there will be little chance for a conversion. This is the same for poorly designed sales funnels too. From the top of the funnel after the initial click and through the entire experience along the middle and down to the bottom of the funnel, it is important to properly guide and nurture the prospect through completion. This is true no matter what type of conversion you are tracking, from capturing an email to cart checkout.

Topher Maguire has extensive knowledge and experience and has helped hundreds of businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs properly set up sales funnels and relevant A/B split testing. Every click matters and Topher’s funnel hacking knowledge turns those clicks into wins.

Programmatic Marketing & Automation

In certain instances and for some companies it makes sense to utilize one of the various automation platforms for their media buying.

Topher Maguire has experience working with some of the most popular and effective programmatic marketing and automation platforms.

These include Adobe, Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo, Google 360.

SMS – Text Message Marketing

Being able to have access to reach out to your customers or potential customer through a unique channel that goes where ever your customer goes is epic. SMS marketing does just that and with the open rates of text message marketing exceeding that of eMail marketing by 3 to 1, it’s no wonder many companies are adding text message marketing to their digital campaigns. 

Topher has the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to either take over an existing SMS marketing system or implement and execute and new one.


and Experience

Search Engine Marketing - PPC
Project Management
Social Media Advertising
Data Analysis & Analytics
KPI Development
Search Engine Optimation
Content Creation
Market Research
Conversion Rate Optimization
Marketing Automation
SEO Tools

2022 – Present

Maguire LLC

Founder & Managing Owner

  • Build, plan and implement the overall digital marketing strategy
  • Manage the strategy
  • Manage and train the rest of the team
  • Stay up to date with the latest technology and best practices
  • Manage and oversee different digital marketing channels
  • Measure ROI and KPIs
  • Prepare and manage digital marketing budget
  • Oversee all the company’s social media accounts
  • Measure and manage online content
  • Track SEO and Google Analytics data an make complex analysis 
  • Build and inbound marketing plan
  • Anticipate sales performance trends 
  • Organize and lead digital marketing team 
  • Research competition, investigate benchmarks and provide suggestions for improvement

2013 – 2021

Digital Joust

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

  • Directed paid search, paid social, and digital marketing strategy and initiatives to promote brand building, customer retention, and revenue-focused activities across multiple channels.
  • Gathered and reported analytics data from digital marketing efforts across multiple channels and platforms.
  • Employed storytelling for digital content and developed unique campaigns to promote brand engagement.
  • Establish the end-to-end digital marketing capabilities and strategy that aligns with the needs and goals of the businesses.

  • Lead the implementation of these capabilities, such as media planning and buying, search, conversion rate optimization and data and analytics to support future business growth.

  • Working alongside Senior Stakeholders, Digital Team, and business unit Marketing leaders, establish a best of breed approach to the use of marketing technology.

2006 – 2013


Product Marketing Manager

  • Arranged compelling product messaging and positioning to enhance sales and drive product engagement.
  • Developed and launched new product lines resulting in increased
  • Developed strategy and managed marketing programs that drive product demand.
  • Gathered market intelligence by coordinating market research efforts to understand market needs, capture customer preferences and ensure representation.
  • Took ownership of achieving the marketing generated leads, opportunities, and revenue goals for SMAKmobi’s mobile application builder –  Saas platform. 
  • Identified key trends, market drivers and customer requirements for SMAKmobi’s vertical’s products and services, while acting as a subject matter expert and sharing this information with the sales and product teams.

2000 – 2006

Military Buyers Guide

Advertising Account Executive

  • Sold print, online, niche publication, newspaper inserts, direct mail, and related printed products.
  • Developed scripted ad content to enhance client marketing strategies.
  • Exceeded department expectations for productivity and accuracy levels.
  • Established numerous new accounts, boosting profits significantly.
  • Remained in close communication with clients to comprehend their needs and specifications.
  • Listened to suggestions and wishes of the Military Buyer’s Guide’s clients and communicated with appropriate people inside the agency necessary to facilitate solutions.
  • Learned about the prospective and current clients’ industry and business activities to offer and suggest more personalized solutions.


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